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We have been working 10 years in the field of abatement of pollutants

We have been working 10 years in the field of abatement of pollutants in the atmosphere with water treatment plants and filtration plants dry and we are one of the most 'important to say the design and production.
 Our experience has allowed us to innovate, and adapt cutting-edge technologies for the construction of soot, with high yields of soot and abatement costs from the most competitive initial investment and management daily.
 Our soot used to process substantial volumes of air to wood-fired ovens for baking pizza, bread and other foods cooked ni ovens. Our soot are used for the removal of micro particulate carbon (soot) and unburned in the flue gas emitted from industrial kitchens.
The treatment received by these blast and 'in full and absolute compliance with the strictest regulations in force in Italy and Europe and worldwide.
The purification of soot fumes produced by our fingers respect the rules of law, with values ​​greatly below the threshold defined by the local health and other agencies responsible for their control.
 Our equipment is soot produced by us invent modified to address all the problems of emissions into the atmosphere, regardless of their type, with high yields due to multi washing used, also our soot show a 50% lower power consumption than other models currently on the market. (Give yourself to compare technical)
The small size of our soot, and their brilliant ease of installation, allowing you to deal with and had the solution to problems of emissions into the atmosphere, certainly not achievable with obsolete equipment and lack of technical explanations, plants treated with the same volume in size and cost far more relevant and more greedy, this allows us to address new needs without killing the initial investment becomes obsolete or inadequate, allowing, with this flexibility, important savings on investment.
 With our soot is also possible to predict the recovery of heat energy contained in the emission source, and here we are the first to propose it Statti more than 5 years ago.
 Our soot are by far the lowest cost of investment and management among the soot-removal systems on the market. Indeed, their small size low power to a request, the huge capacity of air handling with the absence of expensive civil works to make its installation, allow you to be used in any industrial or civil costs not matched by other systems on the market .
 The operating principle is based on the process Scubber / Venturi. The type of soot pollution dall'abbattitore addressed is the typical emissions from cooking plants that use as fuel wood or biomass, including wood-burning pizza ovens, bread, pork, grills, roasters, industrial wood stoves, pellet stoves , etc. ....

Our company offers as a service company also lella cleaning and maintenance of exhaust systems, cleaning hoods and ducts, vacuum cleaning,
 The fields of reference installation of our systems are:
• Pizzerias
• Food
• Braccerie
 • Dairy Farms.
 • Restaurants.
 • Hotels.
• Hotels.
 • Canteens.
 • Catering.
 • Mobile Catering & Events.
 • Industry trade fair.
The 'application of our soot filtration and emissions from combustion of virgin wood (wood chips and pieces), sfriddi sawmill, carpentry and joinery, building waste, old timber (furniture, packaging, sawdust, wood chips, etc. ...), pellets.
 The soot may be of interest to these subjects:
* Designers, builders, maintainers, installers and operators of combustion gas from biomass, Wood gas, biogas and syngas.
* Designers, builders, maintainers, installers and operators of heating systems and heating, food, biomass.
* Designers, builders, maintainers, installers and operators of combustion installations with a food liquid biomass (vegetable oils ,........)
 * Carpentry, sawmills, furniture manufacturers, distributors of wood that reuse their waste, they want to filter the emissions they generate.
With our soot fumes are allowed the 'killing of micro-particulate form of dust, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ammonia, phenols and other molecules linked to combustion processes.

 Our soot can be sized without any problem in order to achieve the desired terget. A proper system design, makes it possible to ensure compliance with legal limits.
 Benefits related to the adoption of a soot-suppression system.

1. Compliance with the legal parameters for emissions into the atmosphere.
2. The requirements for obtaining certification process and environmental quality, solving problems, present or possible in the future, related to litigation with the neighborhood because of odor, dust and soot.

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